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Hilmi Ridha Mahardika

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The first time he knew about music composition during lectures at the University of Education in Indonesia at the Department of Music Education undergraduate level under the guidance of lecturer and composer Iwan Gunawan (Bandung), then he continued his postgraduate studies and took interest in the music composition at ISBI Bandung and learn more about musical composition under the guidance of Lili Suparli (Bandung), Dody Satya Ekagustdiman (Bandung) and Suhendi Afryanto (Bandung). He also studied informally with Prof. Dieter Mack (Germany), Matteo Cesari (Italy / Ensemble Multilaterale), Gema Swaratyagita (Tangerang), Gatot Danar Sulistyanto (Yogyakarta), Arham Aryadi (Jakarta). Besides composition, he also studied electronic music with his colleagues under the guidance of Iwan Gunawan (Bandung).


His work was staged at several events and venues, including XOX Percussion video shoot (Bandung, 2016), 1st Asia Africa Festival 2016 with Persefation Percussion (Bandung, 2016), Gamelan Jazz Concert with Kyai Fatahillah Ensemble (Bandung, 2016), Temu Musik Franko Indonesia 2017 with Ensemble Multilaterale (Jakarta, 2017), Musik Kamar Concert # 3 with the Bumi Siliwangi Orchestra (Bandung, 2018), Temu Musik 6.1 Skena Nusantara with Pertemuan Musik (Jakarta, 2018). Aside from being a composer, he is also active as a musician in several music groups and ensembles including Ensemble Kyai Fatahillah (Traditional & Contemporary Gamelan), 5 Petani, Wedding Jahe, Garhana, Gegegumilar Orchestra and Orkes Melayu Cangkaleng. As a musician who plays with various music groups and ensembles, he is a multi-instrumentalist who can play several wind instruments and percussion instruments.

List of Composition for AYE

Labyrinth Trap (2019)