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Hoang Tran Luu

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Tran Luu Hoang is a young Composer and the Project Director of the Hanoian Trio Modern Music Festival. His Work has been performed by the Hanoian Trio Modern Music Festival. In 2014, he appeared on the Vietnam Televisions as a Composer with the Hanoian Trio. In 2015 he was offered the position of Artistic Director of the "Skyline" Music Center in Hamoi. In 2016, he stared organizing concerts series in Ho Chi Minh, and was one of the three members of the Hanoi Trio. 2007-2011 he graduated Master degree from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He composed some compositions of music for Buddhism and they were performed in Shanghai.


Currently working as a freelance musician at various venues in Shanghai such as The Monk, The Orange, Bee Dee’s, the Vietnamese and Japanese Consulate. 2002- 2006 was his four years of study composition with Prof. Do Hong Quan in Vietnam Academy of Music 2007- 2011 was his four years of study composition with Prof. Xu Jian Qiang in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Hoang’s composition awards include "flute and piano" 2004 in Vietnam, "composer jazz theme" 2009 in America. May 2014 the Bavaria jazz band from Germany played his arrangement "Inh La Oi" which was based on a Vietnamese traditional folk song. In November 2016, he won the 27th ACL Yoshiro Irino Memorial Prize in the 34th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival in Vietnam for his composition "Fantasy" for Clarinet- Cello- Piano.

List of Composition for AYE

Ly Cay Bong (2017)