Nature Photographer

Kathleen Nicole Cahis

Year(s) Attend

2020, 2019


Kathleen Nicole P. Cahis is a graduate of Asian Music/Musicology of the College of Music, University of the Philippines Diliman. She started playing music, specifically the piano at the age of nine. This started her path in pursuing music in formal studies. As she entered the university, she became a Japanese Koto major under Dr. Hiroko Nagai. In the university she also studied playing the Philippine Kulintang under Professor Malou Matute. Other instruments that she studied in the university were the Chinese Yangqin, Korean Samulnori and Indonesian Gamelan. During her stay in the university, she became active in performing for their department of Musicology’s performing group UP Tugtugang Musika Asyatika (UP TUGMA). She was also able to travel and perform in different countries such as China and Thailand with UP TUGMA and independently to represent her country the Philippines.

Currently, she is teaching music to elementary students and is an instructor for piano and voice.