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War War San

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War War San finished her study with B.A. in Myanmar Literature at the University Of Distance Education, Mandalay. She started her musical background with U Ko Gyi, well-known violinist from Mandalay Myo Ma Music Association in 2009 and later with U Khin Maung Soe at the State School Of Fine Art in 2010. She joined Gitameit Music Center(Mandalay) in 2010 where she studied violin with Ma Thuzar and Ms.Gabriella from Austria and joined Gitameit voices in 2012.


War War San later studied Saung Gauk, Burmese arched harp with prominent harpist U Win Maung(Ka Pa Sa), and was later nominated to participate in the Asia Youth Choir and performed in Seoul, Korea. She also won the first prize at Gita Da Gar Lay Pwint Par Ohne, famous Burmese music singing competition in 2013 and later took voice lessons with U.K teacher Sam Glatman as well as studied Burmese traditional music singing under Ma Moe Sanda at Yankin Education College in 2014.


She also participated with many performing groups as a Suang Gauk player, such as C Asean Consonant group in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Asean Youth Ensemble(AYE) 2017 in Bangkok.


As a vocal performer, she sang traditional music soundtrack for Bangkok to Mandalay movie which is Thai and Myanmar co-production movie as well as singing as a choir member for Gitameit Voices for 7 years. War war San also actives as a multi-instrument performer as she constantly performs and studies Viola with many teachers. She often participated in many events, such as Poland- Myanmar Christmas Concert in 2017 and 2018, Poland Embassy, Italy Embassy, Norway Embassy, British Embassy, American Embassy Thai Embassy, Switzerland Embassy in Yangon.


War war San has worked as part time teacher for traditional harp in International Language and Business Centre (ILBC), vocal teaching at Yangon Music School in 2018, and taught violin at Dagon High School, Victoria College, international School as well as a part time violin and Burmese harp teaching at MEBC Music Art Academy.