ASEAN voice?


“Globalization” that happened from long time ago until nowadays internet speed “globalization” has been open the cultural boundaries. now they meet each other and enrich each other as fast as the internet speed. So, even in this piece I am using ASEAN instruments, in fact, is it still an ASEAN voice?. That’s the logic consequence of globalization. The most important is, we have to accept difference without fears, and introduce the new ones without invention.



Htet Arkar, Pat Wiang

My Nguyen, Dan Trahn

Yanini Pongpakatien, Violin

Petpairin Luenpaen, Violin

Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng, Viola

Pulish Likitvattanaset, Cello

Käthe Luise Schmidt, Harp

Jirut Burapornchaikul, Percussion

Alejandro Sarriegui, Percussion


Peter Veale, Conductor