AYE Snapshot 4


Our Improvisation takes 5/4 beats as fundamental rhythm, and we start and stack up the 5 instruments, Ranaad, Octavina, Seang Kor, Erhu, and Haegeum. We play and improvise within 5/4 beats Then we are divided into small groups, playing solo and pairs. Then the unwritten 6th instrument comes up suddenly, and again we make a great fun with exciting rhythms and performance. We hope you enjoy the unfamiliar but exciting 5/4 rhythm and sound colours, motions and everything else from our improvisation.


Kammathep Theeralertrat, Ranaad
Lim Teik Chuan, Erhu
Marie Fides DC. Topico, Octavina
War War San, Seang Kor
Kim, Yeajee, Haegeum