Con-Fusion Risk


‘Fusion’ from its root word fuse, means the fusion or blending of two or more images to create a new image – Baumgarten, German philosopher. This piece can be divided into 4 images. The image of the community and Identity, the image of heterophony, the image of interlocking, and the image of Risk. The piece was written from the idea of Philippine Dabakan and Thailand’s Ching-chap bells, Java Gamelan’s Kenong. Despite these instruments playing the same rhythm all throughout a song, their strong function in an ensemble is to guide all the other instruments as they finish the piece in a heterophonic structure which was written mostly in the middle of the section. 

In the first section, Musicians are encouraged to improvise and sing in a unison manner, symbolizing the community for it is ASEAN’s traditional musical instruments have a crucial function in every community. After some repeats of the written theme, the audience is also encouraged to sing with the musicians.



Daniel Roi Calingasan, Bandurria

Htet Arkar, Pat Wiang

Kathleen Nicole Cahis, Kulintang

My Nguyen, Dan Trahn

Dini Pratiwi, Saron Barung

War War San, Suang – Gauk

Yanini Pongpakatien, Violin

Pulish Likhitwatanasad, Cello

Chatkul Wisutthisara, Flute

Somneuk Saengarun, Taphon

Anakorn Rongsak, Percussion