‘Hininga’ is a Filipino word for breath often used to connote matters of the spirit: This piece is a musical depiction of breath in its spiritual context with the Kulintang, a set of eight bossed gongs from the Philippines, in the centre of its conceptual and harmonic framework. Rhythmic modes from Kulintang repertoire were used extensively throughout the piece, with melodic sensibilities reminiscent of Kalinga music. The strings build energy that melds into the percussion and develops interlocking melodies, eventually blurring the lines between inhalation and exhalation as it drives forward. It was derived from a piece the composer had written in 2017 for music and dance.



Harold Andre Santos, Kulintang

Hojin Jeong, Violin (TIMF)

Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng, Viola (PGVIM)

Hee Jung Keal, Cello (TIMF)

Pongtorn Techaboonakho, Guitar (PGVIM)

Eun Hye Kim, Vibraphone (TIMF)


Peter Veale , Conductor