If Flowers Were to Bloom Again


Zhe Qi Joey Yeo

If Flowers Were to Bloom Again is a lyrical piece that suggests the idea of hope despite the overwhelming sense of doom. With a taste of optimism our stakes for happiness increase incrementally due to the fact that we no longer have nothing to lose. Therefore we struggle neurotically with the twisted idea of our worthiness for happiness and the value of staying in bliss despite the logical tugging of our inner voices declaring our need for beatitude. ‘Flowers’ are used as a metaphor for positivity. 

The piece acknowledges that even if darkness emerges victory in the end, we can always savour the fact that at some point a taste of merriment was achieved and maybe sometimes that is enough.



Htet Arkar, Pat Waing

Dini Pratiwi, Saron Barung

Orawan Kadenoum, French Horn

Sikaret Saknaveeporn, Trumpet

Petpairin Luenpan, Violin

Kawalee Phakarat, Viola

Pronnapas Santiwarangkul, Cello


Peter Veale, Conductor