“JiJi” is the piece that I dedicate to my Professor Dr. Georg Hajdu at Hamburg University of Music and Drama. The text was written by me and was narrated by Georg. I use software Macaque and Max score, which were developed by him to analyse and display five main partials of the spectrum of his voice. “Macaque is a tool for spectral processing and transcription. It is a component of the MaxScore notation software package for Max allowing the transcription of analysis data in the Sound Description Interchange File Format (SDIF) into standard music notation.” Beside of using these five partials of the spectrum as the main material to compose this piece, I also made an electronic part from the recording of his voice. The video uses raw material from artist Nguyen The Son.


Nguyen Thu Thuy, Dan Tranh
Jiyoung Lee, Flute (TIMF)
Hyo Dan Cho, Bass Clarinet (TIMF)
Hojin Jeong, Violin (TIMF)
Hee Jung Keal, Cello (TIMF)

Peter Veale, Conductor