Kúmbis is a Hiligaynon word which means “to weave in an intricate manner.” The title of the composition is a metaphor of the culture of the Philippines which is heavily influenced by other cultures; from migration, trade interactions, and colonization. As time passes, these influences were intricately woven into our culture and have become a part of it. All of these will be showcased in an Asian string ensemble, where the different cultures will once again converge and will intricately weave another achievement in our cultural history through music. 

The composition is purely from the composer’s imagination and got the inspiration Neo-Ethnic inspiration from one theory that states that memories of our ancestors are encoded into our DNA. This gave the composer the idea of trying to decode and uncover the music of our ancestors by listening and finding his inner rhythm. We may all have come from different cultures but as we learn to love and value arts and music from our past, we become knowledgeable of who we are and with this, we can advance to the future in unity.



Daniel Roi Calingasan, Banduria

My Nguyen, Dan Trahn

Yanini Pongpakatien, Violin

Petpairin Luenpaen, Violin

Theerasit Sae-Lim, Viola

Kawalee Phakarat, Viola

Pronnapas Santiwarangkul, Cello

Netchanok Chinchakkaeo, Cello


John Kenaz Moreño, Conductor