Labyrinth Trap


This piece was inspired by the difference between well-tempered system from western music and laras system from Sundanese/Javanese traditional music. I want to combine between two different laras in gamelan, that is pelog and salendro and also the well-tempered system from western music. It will be ten-tones system on gamelan pelog salendro that I try to develop by using a matrix (magic square) from Schoenberg twelve-tones system but in this piece, I just use ten-tones from gamelan pelog and salendro.



Dini Pratiwi, Saron Pelog

Nattawut Deejing, Saron Slendro

Siraphob Maitreesirimongkol, Flute

Reephaw Saenthawidet, Cello


Hilmi Ridha Mahardika, Conductor