Ly Cay Bong


This piece was composed in 2016. The duration is 7 minutes. “Ly” is one of many folk songs of the Vietnamese people. Ly, along with other tunes such as cuckoo, screaming, male, oval, singing, lullaby, … are unique features of Vietnamese folk song style. Special developments were investigated in the Central and the Southern regions where the centre of Dhamma is located. The ritual of Li is distinguished from the crock because it is not associated with labour or intercourse. Li also has more stable music than most songs. Singers can add short sentences at their own discretion. “ Ly Cay Bong “ was composed with the inspiration of Viet Nam Folk melodies (Lý Cây Bông). 

In this work, 21 Strings( Đàn Tranh) is played along with Konga-Bongo. This work is a “ Ly Cay Bong” in a contemporary style that still embodies Vietnamese folk values. This composition is expected to introduce audiences to “Ly Cay Bong” with different rhythms, arrangements and tempo.


My Nguyen, Dahn Trahn
Arturo Ernesto Uribe Portugal, Percussion