Candra Bangun Setyawan

This musical idea originated from my extra-musical experience, which is about the culture of ngerumpi, ngerumpi culture is an integral part of society “especially the Javanese people where i live”. Even that culture sometimes justifies a view in general and shapes public opinion. As a culture, ngerumpi will remain and go along with the times. I raised this idea because I often encounter this phenomenon in the village where I live. Besides that I see many interesting things from the activity, like a conversation that involves a lot of sound colours, dynamics, and different speaking styles. And then time relationship, opposition, and reciprocity in a dialect. Triggered my awareness to draw extra-musical territory into the concept of musical composition. It means I only interpret a dialect phenomenon that occurs in ngerumpi activity. Interpretation as a tool in realizing ideas. So the process of creating music works is very subjective. Because I only interpret phenomena based on my subjectivity, with the aim of raising an analogy for building material objects. In the area of analogy I only analogize the results of the interpretation of phenomenon ngerumpi in the musical dimension region.



Chatkul Wisutthisara, Flute

Carl Rosman, Clarinet

Dini Pratiwi, Saron Barung

Sara Cubarsi, Violin

Pulish Likitvattanaset, Cello

Candra Bangun Setyawan, Live Electronics


Peter Veale, Conductor