Once I Sat and Listened


The piece is centred around the idea of withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of daily life in order to find peace in solitude and to contemplate life and what lies beyond. As the listener travels through the piece he or she is first flooded with melody and sound. 

Stepping away from this, he or she has to listen hard to perceive the hushed tones that are like hidden voices in gently rustling leaves of a tree. As if looked at under a microscope, a world of beauty and simplicity opens up in the third section of the piece. Is this the secret behind all things? Or would I only want it to be? With these small but gnawing doubts, the piece concludes. Asian and European instruments form a unified entity. 

As the will to see behind all things and also to make music is shared by all cultures around the world, it seems only natural that these different instruments join forces in painting an emotional landscape that revolves around the pursuit of beauty.



Novan Yogi Hernando Maupula,Suling
Jocelyn Tan Li Yun, Soprano
Sheng Tontrakul Kaewyong, Khaen
My Nguyen, Danh Trahn
Lim Teik Chuan, Erhu
Kittipon Sanboonruang, Oboe
Thisara Wongsaengchan, Harp
Louisa Kaltenbach, Cello
Arturo Ernesto Uribe Portugal, Percussion