Yeo Zhe Qi Joey

Retrospect is a piece written with the current affairs of ASEAN countries and the trend of rapid Westernisation in mind. It is a musical representation of influences on the composer style in terms of both Traditional elements and sounds from the West. The piece is split into 3 sections; “The Pendopo”, “The Dalang” and “The Wayang Kulit”, which are all components of the Javanese Gamelan Shadow Puppet Show, and the piece is structured in a way that expands the initial soundscape created by the usage of textures through extended techniques into a more melodious section that follows the elements of Gamelan composition like cross-rhythms and doubling. Finally, the piece ends with a surge of energy that combines the tonality of western music and the structure of traditional music.



Dini Pratiwi, Saron and Slenthem

Jiyoung Lee, Flute (TIMF)

Hyo Dan Cho, Bass Clarinet (TIMF)

Natapat Pisutwong, Violin (PGVIM)

Pulish Likhitwatanasad, Cello (PGVIM)

Peerawit Aunruan, Guitar (PGVIM)


Peter Veale , Conductor