The Guest House (2019)


The piece was inspired by a poem called THE GUESTHOUSE is written by Rūmī, in which I am interested in exploring tensions, form(s), and its variations per se between stability and instability; determinacy and indeterminacy. One could embrace contingency while capturing a moment ‘before’ conceiving of a musical sentence or line(s) in relation to elementary components, yet open, unbounded, and contingent through fragment(s). For Proust, a fragment is a morsel of time in its pure state; it hovers between a present that is immediate and a past that once had been present.



Daniel Roi Calingasan, Banduria

Htet Arkar, Pat Waing

War War San, Suang-Guak

My Nguyen, Dan Trahn

Prannathorn Teerarodjanakul, Oboe

Julia Berg, Bass Clarinet

Käthe Luise Schmidt, Harp

Moritz Koch, Percussion

Alejandro Sarriegui, Percussion


Peter Veale, Conductor