Welcoming Dawn


This composition had its birth within my trip to Sapa- a city in fog, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, Viet Nam. I was so charmed by the landscape and people here a lot, that I feel such a desire inside of me to do something to reveal the beauty of this place. That’s the way the composition “Don Binh minh” (meet the dawn) was created. 

Imagine that you wake up in a strange place. While everything else is still in its deep sleep, there are only clouds of fog, flying over the mountain. And the clear dawn’s rays of sunshine are gradually rising, smoothly getting through the clouds of fog. Your body suddenly is being filled with peace and comfort. Not only your body, but your spirit are being refreshed with new energy. Such a wonderful feeling you never had before. I wrote this composition for playing it on Zithers. And I hope that “Don Binh minh” would bring you many positive emotions and experiences.



My Nguyen, Dan Trahn

Netchanok Chinchakkaeo, Cello

Anakorn Rongsak, Percussion

Jirut Burapornchaikul, Marimba