.Kulilal Para sa Bayan

The piece “Kulilal Para sa Bayan” is based on Palawan music repertoire of poetry and musical creation, depicting the rhythms, movements, and sounds of nature, such  as the chirping of birds and the chirring of insects, the waves of the sea, rain drops, the whirling river waters, footsteps, the sound of the earth, the rustling leaves, the  blowing wind, thunder, the elements, and the like.  


A lyrical form of expression among the Palawans is the Kulilal, sung to express intense, passionate love. Kulilal employs Tagalog and Jama Mapun words, and is based on  poems with stanzas of two to four lines containing fixed heptasyllabic meter, with rhymes and assonances. Kulilal is an alternating song between a man and a woman with  the accompaniment of the kusyapiq (two-stringed lute) played by a man, and pagang (bamboo zither), played by a woman. The Kusyapiq, plays the melody of the song  while the second string plays the drone, producing a low vibration of ethereal sound and raw emotions. The pagang produces alternating sounds of prolonged and stopped  vibratons. After every stanza, the same melody is played during the instrumental, and the duet of these two instruments is characterized by theart of playing together.

Mirroring kulilal’s form and concept, “Kulilal Para sa Bayan”, however, expresses love and adoration for the nation. It is a new work that attempts to explore new sounds  combining Western instrumets such as violin, viola, cello, with two Philippine traditional instruments, the  bandurria and kulintang.

Kulilal Para sa Bayan - Full Score

Kulilal Para sa Bayan

(words and music by the composer)  

Sa iyo iaalay
Pagmamahal na tapat
Timyas mong kagandahan
Ako ay nahalina
Sa iyo iaalay
Pagmamahal na tapat
Kanlungan ng ginhawa
Paraisong payapa
Sa iyo iaalay
Utak, puso, at Diwa
Ika’y ipaglalaban
Mahal na lnang Bayan    

English Translation

To you, I will offer

My faithful love
Your genuine beauty
I am captivated

To you, I will offer,
My faithful love
Haven of rest
Paradise of peace

To you, I will offer
Mind, heart, and soul
I will fight for you
Beloved, Motherland

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Jimuel Dave T. Dagta